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د. فانسان باتستي / Vincent Battesti, born in 1970. Let’s say that my name is Vincent Battesti, I was born in 1970, I am not really often in France, I am a researcher in Social Anthropology, currently in Cairo since March 2002, oh no, I’m back now in France, in Paris, in the aera of la Goutte d’Or since April 2006…, — gosh, no, I’m in New York now —, well, fair enough, let’s say this site displays my research and even sometimes some its results. To have a look on my bio, please look around nearby…
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hi my friend my name is ramy i remember u good i meet u in turky for 2 year in sultan ahmed street iam happy to read this if u cant remember me ?again iam from egypt and i meet u when ugo to greece froim turk ramy_medo20002005 yahoo.comy

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