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BioDivMex: BioDiversity of the Mediterranean eXperiment

- BioDivMex website:

The BioDivMeX program, one of the axes of MISTRALS meta-project, aimed at a better understanding of research conducted on the Mediterranean Biodiversity, to bring communities of researchers working together in the marine and terrestrial fields in ecology and social sciences and to create a trans-network collaboration on the two major BioDivMex’s themes which are:

- Theme #1: The biodiversity of poorly known environments and heavily constrained by abiotic and biotic interactions,
- Theme #2: Biodiversity in the historically evolved socio-ecological systems (SES) and the current anthropized landscapes.

- Goal:

BioDivMex (BioDiversity of the Mediterranean eXperiment) aims to identify and monitor the specific biodiversity of the Mediterranean region, its vulnerability to climatic and anthropogenic pressures that have multiple and often negative impacts on specific habitats of the Mediterranean and finally the diversity of animals, plants and microbial biosystems. The Mediterranean region (sensus lato) is one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots identified worldwide, based on its diversity of plant and animal species, and the presence of a large number of inland and marine endemic species. Favorable biophysical and climatic conditions have encouraged human settlement in the Mediterranean coastal areas, and we see these days a large increase in population pressure and land use, as well as pressure-induced climate change. Biodiversity is not only threatened, but also declines at an alarming rate. In addition to human impacts such as habitat degradation and fragmentation, global warming is a recent and serious threat to the persistence of biodiversity.

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