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Anthropology of Sensory Perceptions

Vincent Battesti

It could seem odd to have a page on “Anthropology of Sensory Perceptions” inside a folder which title puts first the “sound”, before the “sensory perceptions”.
Nonetheless, it is in this order that I get interested in sensory issues: from the secular to the general.

This beginning of research is made specifically thanks to a Master’s teaching that I ran for six years at the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (Master EDTS) and thanks to the numerous researchers I did invite for this purpose.

- Course “Anthropology of Sensory Perceptions” [2009-2015]

I plan to continue this thought with colleagues from the laboratory UMR 7206 at the Museum and scholars/researchers I will invite at round tables / research seminar I will set up from 2016.

- Why address sensory perceptions through anthropology?

To answer that in two words only, I will put forward the idea of learning: everyone is educated to his senses, that is to say that everyone learns, socially, to seize the surrounding world by means of the sensory equipment of his body... and this sensory education is proper, always, to the social group concerned.

The difficulty: anthropology is poorly armed, a priori, to grasp this issue because perceptions are not very often put in verbs, hard to speak (or often described with binary hedonic terms), and idiosyncratic.

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