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The temporal scales in the Jerid oases (Tunisia)

Vincent Battesti

The temporal scales in the Jerid oases (Tunisia)

- Original title:
Les échelles temporelles des oasis du Jérid tunisien
Anthropos, vol. 95, n°2, Sept. 2000, p. 419-432.
ISSN: 0257-9774

- Abstract:
Are the Saharan oases an image of a lost Paradise?
Both ethnological analyses and local discourses offer a paradox: an unchanging oasis and a past seen as a Golden Age. To understand the local oasian time requires a careful clarification of the local society view’s on the time (temporalities), especially throughout their use simultaneously of different calendars (Muslim, Gregorian, Berber/Julian).
As (and accordingly to) the different conceptions of space, the different spatialities, temporalities may vary with the different types of relationship to the environment in which local communities and institutions subscribe.

The “crisis” of oasis agriculture, a concept often used by oasis farmers or agents of development, is a good entry word to study the implications of different notions of time. In addition, hierarchical theory will shed light on the life and death of oases gardens.

- Anthropos. International Review of Anthropology and Linguistics
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Les échelles temporelles des oasis du Jérid tunisien
Anthropos 95, sept. 2000, p. 419-432
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