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Ambiances of the places: images and sounds of Siwa

Vincent Battesti

To offer an idea of sound and visual ambiances of the oasis of Siwa:

- Images of Siwa:

Intérieur domestique à Siwa
Siwa, Aghurmi, le 10 avril 2004 © Vincent Battesti

See the section of the Visio-gallery dedicated to Siwa.

- Sounds of Siwa:

See Already here... pieces of sound ambiances in Siwa..

- Videos of Siwa:
Videos found on, illustrating magnificently the tourist uses of oasis (and desert) space of Siwa. All the expected spaces and uses of spaces by tourists (here French) are offered here.

- Siwa oasis - Egypt, from jbens (December 2, 2006),

See also “Why should I go to see from above things I already know from below?”.

Less interesting or edifying videos, but nevertheless on Siwa and the spatial tourist practices:

- La fuente de Cleopatra (on Cleopatra’s Spring), from noleteman (November 2, 2006).

- Cleopatra’s Natural Spring, Siwa, Egypt, from jinbaobao (September 3, 2006). (The communication/translation problem is amusing.)

- Saharan Journey - Lost in the Sahara (or how the desert have to be an adventure), from pedrorichardson (November 6, 2006).

- safari cilginligi:), from junedje (November 20, 2006).

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